Thursday, 3 December 2009

Bankers Get Their Bonuses. Fat Cats Get Fatter

Barclays is set to award its 22,000 investment bankers pay rises of up to 150% in an effort to beat Government moves to clamp down on multi-million-pound bonuses.

150%? What a world we live in. A world where the people that have put us in the economic mess that we are now in are not only allowed to have bonuses, but actually think that they deserve them.

If any of us in any other occupation had acted as they had, we'd be out of a job, never mind not get a bonus. Why do we put up with these fat cats. They need us, and if they continue to bit the hands that feed them, it's only a matter of time before we say enough is enough.

It was only last week that we found out that the government had secretly given the banks £62 billion pounds to help get them out of their own mess. How can you give away 62 million pounds of other people's money without telling anyone?

I used to laugh at people that hid their savings under their mattresses, now I'm starting to think that they had the right idea.

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The Big Euro Millions Con!

So, the Euro Lottery then. Huge jackpots, massive hysteria over winners, what can be wrong with that?

Well, nothing if you play it anywhere other than the UK. As of last week, the price for a ticket purchased in the UK went up from £1.50 to £2. This was apparently so that they could give away a million pounds exclusively to a UK ticket holder.

Which seems fine in principal, however we weren't asked if we wanted this extra 'prize', and is it really a prize if millions of us are suddenly lumbered with a 50p increase on our tickets?

No of course it isn't fair, it's rip off Britain. Where we pay more than everyone else. Guaranteed...

And to prove it? Have a surf around the internet and you will see that while we are paying £2 per Euromillions ticket, the rest of the world pay just 90p per ticket. Criminal!

So why are we paying £1.10 more per ticket? Where's that money going? My guess is it'll be used to send more money the banks way.

Doesn't it just make you proud to be British?

Anyway, all is not lost, you can still buy tickets from out of the UK. Just have a surf and read up. My advice is to check out the T's & C's as well before purchasing.

If you buy one Euromillions ticket every week, I've just saved you over £57 a year :o)

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